The Last Sin Eater

It's movie time!

There's a movie by Fox Faith coming out on Feb. 9 called The Last Sin Eater. It will be in limited release, with, as I understand, a DVD coming out by Easter this year. You can find trailers and info here. Why am I reccing this? Why, it stars Peter Wingfield, that actor I'm so fond of, Methos in Highlander :) and what's best, is that by all accounts, this is going to be a good movie! now, it's only playing in the conservative parts of CA, so I'm going to have to go to Fresno to see it, but if you live somewhere it's playing, check it out!

I May Be Back

Russ did some major MT kicking today, and I can post again! Comments are still a work in progress, but I think you should be able to make them.

What have I been doing tonight? I figured out how to forward a port to get a torrent client to work all by myself! I'm so proud! Sometimes, I'm not quite as stupid as I think I am.

House is finally new again tonight!! Yay!! And since it's been a while, don't forget the House M.D. email list: Differential Diagnosis!

So, I'll try and be a 'serious' blogger again -- yeah, right. May take me a bit to remember how!