Birthday Report

Went to see Dead Man's Chest for the third time with Nin, Carolyn, Fred, Fred's friend and Carolyn's friend. They all went out after, Nin and I went home for my birthday dinner. We ate and watched Firefly, and drank a bottle of my fave wine: Cardinal Zin from Bonny Doon winery. Nin didn't get me a cake, so we got two eclairs at Whole Foods, and they were nasty.

Invitations to Cross Rivers In New Shoes

Yesterday, I posted the link to 'safe' churches. Today, it was linked by Robert at the Llamas, and I left a comment about my own search.

Confession: I really self edit on this subject. I shouldn't - it's my blog after all. But whenever I do post about the troubles my Church is having, and my own personal struggle, I invariably get well meaning Roman Catholics telling me I should convert, 'cross the Tiber!'. The thing is, I would never say something similar if they were having issues with their church. Why would you tell someone they should abandon their faith? I just don't get that. I would offer my prayers and support, but not "Oh, you should convert!", like it's something akin to changing your shoes. The other part is that I have lots of RC friends, people I'm very fond of, and I don't want to inadvertently hurt their feelings. I don't even read a lot of religious posts on some blogs because frankly, they're hurtful. Maybe I take 'do unto others' a little too seriously. Yes, I probably do. But I couldn't say similar things about their faith, no matter what objections I have to their church, I just can't. Not only would I feel mean, but it's not very Christian in the way I was brought up to think of as 'Christian Behaviour'.

So I don't know if I'll post much about the current path I'm on or not. Experience has taught me it's not such a great idea, but maybe things can change. Who knows?